Business, Strategy, System & Processes, Management, Leadership, Consulting and all is to Entrepreneurship TIMELESS WAY you’d find on this page.

Coming from a strong maternal entrepreneurial background, I grew up seeing my grandparents and mom transact business across borders. I’d from as young as age 6 been involved in conceptualization, idea generation, strategy, product development, marketing, sourcing, negotiation and everything there is to business process so much so that I joke about my MBA degree when I tell people ” you know have had MBA education right from childhood that I’d to go get a MBA certificate to formalize it, feel like requesting for a refund of my tuition as offering/set-up a trust fund in memory of my grandma since she was the first human who exposed me to business & strategy”…lol while continued ideas and inspirations flow to me from THE TIMELESS BOOK- THE BIBLE.

Right here, Purpose, Passion and Core strength connect!


Opportunities in Career, Business, Economic and every information that had give you or someone you know leverage toward their purpose or aspiration you will find on this page.

You are limitless and there is absolutely no barrier to what you can achieve in Life in GOD.

Your boundless shinning and unparalleled advancement brings me fulfilment. So yes, not to soar limitlessly is a sin. SOAR with No Apologies for that what you are created for.

Purpose and passion to see others be the best they are created to be connected here!


Start-Up Capital III

#StartUpCapital.Business- THE CHIEF STRATEGIST WAY! Now that you know where the money to fund your business will come from.To calculate if you have a enough money to start a business THE CHIEF STRATEGIST way do this:Firstly,List all possible sources of capital i.e. 1. Savings you have in- Banking accounts, retirement accounts to wind up, less… Read more “Start-Up Capital III”


#FinancialPlan Business- THE CHIEF STRATEGIST WAY! Having mapped out your business dream, your financial plan will help you put numbers to it. In planning the financials of your business, it is important that you are realistic about it. By that I mean considering every aspect of your business from the major to minor possible opportunities… Read more “BUSINESS PLAN II-Financial Plan”

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Operations & Processes

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End-Point Analysis

TGIF Our Labor in the Lord TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman May 03, 2017 “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58 There… Read more “End-Point Analysis”

Start-Up Capital II

Business- THE CHIEF STRATEGIST WAY! This week we’d focus on the initial start-up you require; where and how to source cash for your initial capital. To know the initial start-up capital that you require you have to consider your initial start-up costs ( we talked about that a couple of weeks ago); estimate your expected… Read more “Start-Up Capital II”

Start-Up Capital

Business- THE CHIEF STRATEGIST WAY! This week, we’d take a look at start-up capital.You’d ask, how much do I need to get started with business?The amount of cash you will need will differ for different businesses. For example a home based business started part time may only require some naira while large business need millions of naira… Read more “Start-Up Capital”

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Reflection IV

#PowerOfAgreement #KeepingTheDreamAlive #LongtermSuccessStrategies We are still celebrating our organisations’ respective milestones. Again, lines of communication are now open from top… Read more “Reflection IV”

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