Delegating and Hiring process isn’t that complex afterall…

Strive Masiyiwa CEO, Econet

Strive Masiyiwa CEO, Econet

#DoYouKnow there’s an uncontested way to handle your delegation process, and strategy to an excellent hiring policy!

Here is it: Coach and mentor your team members’ on what and how of the business/job; select competent men from the Team with the following qualities: fear of GOD, integrity, honesty; and then assign roles and tasks to them as leaders according to their capabilities. Once you’d done this, give them the liberty to perform the daily operations without interference while you focus on the strategic part.

CEO Jethro of Exodus.18 Inc on his visit to his protégé Moses, a strong and focused leader, pilot this principle of Delegation and Human Capital Development!

For more insight, please check in at Exodus 18 for more information.

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