How Fairly Do You Treat Your Employees?…

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #WorkplaceSurvival #BasicBusinessMininiums

#BBM 5: Treat Your Employees Fairly

It’s said that, Fairness is both a responsibility and an opportunity.
A responsibility to our Teams’/ employees and an opportunity to inspire and impact their lives in a meaningful way. I’d say Internal “CSR”!
Now, you’d think fairness relates only to pay issues and benefits but no, it also involves attitudes and relationships.

For example, is your workplace area a war zone of shouting, yelling, disrespect, looking down on lower level staff/ team members, different eating area of different Menu Standard for different level of staff, different dimension of discrimination etc?

You see, the first step in laying the principle of fairness is recognising that everyone is IMPORTANT regardless of education or income.

I’d see you tomorrow talking Treating Employees Fairly.

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People… Insurance… Sustainable Value

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #BBM

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