Hiring Decisions… Define the Job Clearly!

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One of the important policy decisions you will make is Hiring.

When you hire, what criteria do you look out for? Work History, Personality Type, Skill Evaluation, Personal References. Yes?

Well. It is important you do that, focus on what really matter e.g get to know whether a potential recruit has been a capable and reliable employee than focusing of age, race, gender, state of origin.

We’d talk about the Steps in Hiring Employees in TIMELESS BUSINESS!

#Step 1: Define the Job Clearly

To hire the write people, ensure that the jobs are well and clearly defined. Articulate and document the tasks to be done, the evaluation and performance index- Clearly define jobs description. And importantly, communicate it not verbally but in written form to potential recruits before, during and after hiring process.

What that does is that, it gives the employees clear understanding of your expectation. Reduces unnecessary waste of resources as unqualified candidates can determine for themselves from an initial glance of the job description if they are qualified/ competent for the job or not.

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #HFD

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