Hiring Decision… Establish a Trial Period!

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#Step 5: Establish a Trial Period

Establish 3 months- 90-days trial period for new employees; during this period you are able to evaluate employees/teams for job performance and compatibility.

Now, I’m aware that some organizations have 6 months- 180-days probation period. But really, no one wants to leave one job and start another with the possibility of being terminated after trial period.
It is therefore advisable for company and employees to make early corrections where necessary.

Again, do bear in mind that, sometimes hiring errors might not be 100% eliminated. However endeavor to do the following:

• Take your time to ensure you know the type of person you really need and do due diligence before offering someone a job.

• Right! TIMELESS BUSINESS does not leave things to chances; Spend time in PRAYER with your key Team and ask THE CHIEF STRATEGIST to bring you the right people and assurance that they match the available jobs.

Finally, remember, that a well thought-out hiring process will save you many disappointments and position you to have the Teams’ you need to achieve your Vision.

I’d see you next week BHG on Firing Decisions

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Have a Pleasant Weekend. Good morning!


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