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Talking about justifiable basis for dismissing an employee; here is one basis:


When dishonesty is tolerated or overlooked, the wrong precedence is set. It is the responsibility of owners /management team to establish and maintain rules that reduces such temptation; and that includes firing employees/ teams who break these rules.

This is the correct procedure for dismissing a dishonest employee:

Ensure the standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct is very clear to everyone.
When a dishonest employee is discovered, confront the issue in the open with anyone who is involved.

If the offense involves deliberate theft of fund/ fraud, it is important that the punishment fit the crime.

In a situation where dishonesty involve non-cash issues but misuse of company’s facility/ equipment; confronting the dishonesty may be all that is required. However, do such confrontation with a caring attitude- the main aim in this context is to: restore and salvage the individual.

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Q3 2014; Ends TODAY! Be Deliberate to give THE CHIEF STRATEGIST thanks.

I hear you say- ” I made no profits; experienced no break-even, on what basis should we then Thank HIM…” Well, dear colleague, at least you are not bankrupt neither is your company under receivership. And even if you are: You and your Teams’ are still alive and intact.

Can I tell you, STAND with THE CHIEF STRATEGIST, HE will take you through Q4 and give you GOOD SUCCESS.
HE does and will ALWAYS deliver on HIS Propositions!

GO ahead Thank HIM for Q1-Q3 and Honor HIM for Q4 2014

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #HFD

Have a Remarkable Q4 Ahead. Good morning!


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