Dear Single Ladies!

Dear Single Ladies,

I’m burden tonight and need to have a wee word with you. You see it lot easier to get to speak and trash out these things before you crossover to Married Status ( At that point it get outrightily complicated, should you get it wrong)

Frankly speaking… Why do you want/ keep funding a man’s irresponsibility and laziness?

• Who sold you that lies that being a “Project Sponsor” at the lightest opportunity is what being Caring and Supportive is?

• How is that you take lead role in a relationship and jump to perform a leader role in a relationship. And in your mind, you thinking that being Hardworking and being there? Who sold you those lies?
Can’t you see that you are setting a precedence of role switching from being a Helper to Provider.
Can’t you see that you are outrightily encouraging laziness and complacency in that man of yours?

Can I be frank you… There is NO basis to proof any point. It is not in displaying Super Woman/ Superted drama that shows that you are all that.

Just maybe you don’t know/ are not concious of this ” The Girl Is Good” trait. My granny of beautiful late memories had say ” The girl is good, the girl is good, Apah lo jé bé” ( I’m sorry, I don’t know how to translate that in English)

Now DON’T get me wrong: There’s a place to encourage and support a man but most often than not it should be that you are propelling them in the right direction and in some instance may require that you physically support with fund ( that’s comes rarely, if you see what I mean) but when it becomes a lifestyle…Hey darling, you have become a Provider not a Helper and can I tell you, it is NOT sustainable. You have switch role and that can pass for “witchcraft”. You might find it cool right now as a single but I tell if you continue like that and get married. You’d face the music of having to live with the puppet you created out of your husband.

And you know what? reverse role in Marriage isn’t even scriptural. The Man is the Head/Provider and you are the Help Meet. Both roles come with their respective graces. And I bet you want to stay right within your domain of Grace.

So, my dear, could you please STOP these Macho/ Over Zealous / Distorted View of what Being There is.

Don’t feed/ encourage laziness/ Lay-back/ Irresponsibility of some young men in this Generation.

Next time you see one, please hook them up fast with Older men/ Contemporaries who understand what Responsibility and Hardwork means to learn from them. STOP encouraging such, this generation is already full of such don’t help breed more of such.

Got so much to say: Guys with No self-control; lack respect for Chastity; Beat Up ladies etc.

And I’m thinking ladies… How do you put up with all these as singles?

Valuable Single Ladies, You are so More than these… Self Respect, Dignity, Self Confidence rooted in GOD is Key!

I pray that your eyes of understanding is enlightened. That you begin to see who you truly are in CHRIST In Jesus Name!

I pray for as many as lack self-confidence and believe in themselves. That CHRIST as become your Boldnes and that from hence forth you begin to see who truly you are in HIM.

I come against every spirit of haste. The bible says, the righteous shall not make haste. I pray for the grace to stay and walk through your process of becoming in Jesus Name!

GOD’s Manifold Blessings Always!

Good night!


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