HDI- Higher Definition Intelligence!

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #WorkplaceSurvival #ManagementSelectionDecisions

Today ends our #ManagementSelectionDecisionsSeries

In your Management Selection Decisions: Talents/Competence is required and important but without CHARACTER, is a crisis waiting to Explode.

It is easy to profile competence with lot of available HRM tools but to know the true character of a manager/ long-term suitability and strategic relevance of a manager(s) from a bigger picture, NO HRM or Forensic tools can detect that.

LISTEN: that require a HDI – Higher Definition Intelligence ONLY accessible through THE CHIEF STRATEGIST.

Engage THE CHIEF STRATEGIST in the Boardroom/ Marketplace. Engaging HIS advisory function will cost you nothing other than adhering to HIS Terms of Reference.

Now, you want to know my take on this? I’d say GO For IT! Because that the most effective Lean Strategy that will ever be.

Here is the proposition: It will solve your High Operating Expenses; position your company and brand globally; give you an unbeatable Competitive and Comparative Advantage; You are GUARANTEED of staying ahead of competition and ultimately GUARANTEED Bottomline without Bleeding.

ALL at absolutely NO COST: you only need to follow THE TIMELESS PRINCIPLES.

Checking in at Psalm 94:8-11 Directory, THE CHIEF STRATEGIST presentation shows how constraint our resources are to truly detect the best fit in our Selection process.

“… how long before you get smart? Do you think Ear-Maker doesn’t hear, Eye-Shaper doesn’t see? Do you think the trainer of nations doesn’t correct, the teacher of Adam doesn’t know? GOD knows, all right— knows your stupidity, sees your shallowness ”

NOW… To the Extend to which you require an hassle and drama free Management… LEVERAGE!

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #MSD

Have a Reassuring Weekend. Good morning!


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