Reward Loyalty!

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Loyalty and Sycophancy are two entirely different things.

Loyalty is said to be ” a commitment to a person or company even in the face of adversity”

Sycophancy is said to be “flattery that is very obedient, or an indication of deference to another, to an excessive or servile degree”

Alright, now that you can consciously differentiate between the two: You want to do a quick check within you, who in your Team or Sphere of influence falls within what category.

You see, it’s important to routinely do such scan with the help of THE CHIEF STRATEGIST.
To be surrounded by Sycophants is a very dangerous place to be.

I just thought to mention that.

The focus of today is on LOYALTY

LISTEN, Loyal people are rare to come by. I can’t say this enough.
When you find a loyal employee(s); Supplier(s); Partner(s); Mentor(s); Adviser(s) ensure to do everything within your power to reward such quality. Honour them in all ways.

Remember that Loyalty is a two-way thing, so it must flow both ways.
So as your employees/ teams are loyal to the company and its Vision, you too be loyal to them.

Again, Loyalty is Virtue, it cannot not be taught neither bought.
See why it a clear cut difference between it and sycophancy.

Checking the Joshua-Caleb Team, The David-Jonathan Partnership; THE CHIEF STRATEGIST- David Proposition and more in TIMELESS REPOSITORY says it all.

Again, LOYALTY is a Virtue not a Skill.
Honour and greatly reward ( reward goes beyond money) the Loyal people in your workforce/ Sphere of Influence, they are RARE BREEDS.

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Good morning!


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