The Winning Strategy!

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It’s the Season of Reward!

It’s a season where your employees/ Teams are rewarded and appreciated for supporting the vision and treating your clients and stakeholders right; clients are rewarded, appreciated and thanked for their support and patronage through the year.

THE CHIEF STRATEGIST must not be left out of the appreciation and thanksgiving season. HE was and is the ONLY partner that stayed ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to you through the year.

Remember, when your major investors threaten to pull out right in the middle of that transaction, HE SHOWED UP for your team and company?

Remember, how he saved your board and management team from that car crash and Air crash?

Remember how he saved you from that product/ project launch that was turning out to be a disaster but THE CHIEF STRATEGIST saved the day. You remember how it turned our to be next big hit?

Remember how HE brought you through the MPR verdict?

Remember how HE sorted you out of the fraud allegation you knew nothing about?

Remember how HE turned your Cashflow around in the midst of the embarrassment and balancing your financials?

Remember how HE saved you from dying when you slumped in the boardroom?

You remember the effortless promotion HE rewarded you with?

You Remember? ALL HE did, the winning Strategies HE downloaded to you and your Team through the year.

YES! THE CHIEF STRATEGIST deserves ALL of your Thanksgiving. It’s going to cost you nothing, it carries no expenses on your Income statement neither any liability on your Balance Sheet.

All it require is a DELIBERATE ACTION to ACKNOWLEDGE & THANK HIM. Do it as the Leader of the company; Team Lead and with everyone as a Team in the organisation.

LISTEN, you CANNOT be over Professional not to corporately thank THE CHIEF STRATEGIST who did all these for you at No COST; Consulted for you at NO Cost.

If you can thank your workforce and clients how much more THE ONE who owns both you, your workforce/Team and the entire clients in the entire Globe!

Psalm. 107:1 Yard; Psalm 118 Multi National; Psalm 138 Conglomerate; 1Chronicle 16:34 Limited all confirming why you have got to give thanks:

” Oh, thank GOD—he’s so good! His love never runs out. All of you set free by GOD, tell the world!”


TIMELESS Businesses know that too well!

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #EWD

Good morning!


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