Decision Making OutSourcing?

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Why are you asking for counsel?

It’s important to know the why because your reason will determine to a large extend the quality of counsel you’d receive.

That said, you want to ask yourself important question when asking for advice.
One of such questions is:


Are you trying to outsource your responsibility in making decision?

You see, no one can make your decision for you. The highest you can get is an objective alternatives/ various perspectives /varieties of choices presented to you but you will still have to make your choice.

You responsibility for making decision cannot be outsourced. Should it even be outsourced, you still remain accountable and responsible for the effect of such choice and decision.

So while you seek advice on your next career move; weighing those job opportunities; the transfer opportunity; the merger options; the Listing decision; business travel decisions etc. The best your consultant can offer you are possible options to choose from.

So choose right because you’d be responsible solely for your decision.

Proverbs 14:12 Advisory and Proverbs 16:25 Alternative Risk Solutions, understands the dynamics of decision making so well that in their Analysis Report puts it aptly when it says:

“There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death [destruction].”

If that is the case; Would you not rather involve THE CHIEF STRATEGIST, HE has the FULL download of all alternatives open to you and the end results. And can tell you the best to go for.

Trust me on this: HE DOES A FANTASTIC & UNCONTESTABLE JOB. HE is that Good and Excellent!

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #TCA

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