Justifying Decision(s)?

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Another question we need to ask ourselves:

Looking for justification for our decisions?

In decision making you cannot afford to violate TIMELESS PRINCIPLES and then justify or rationalise on the basis of majority support.

Listen: That you did an opinion poll and had a majority support for your decision doesn’t make it right.
The outcome of our decisions will be OBEDIENCE based not Majority Opinion based.

So, you want shut down that production line/ make a career decision/relocation decision/ which in your opinion; your intelligent consultants’/ counsellors’ opinion makes economics sense but NO Sense THE CHIEF STRATEGIST?

Going contrary to TCS ( THE CHIEF STRATEGIST) advice on the basis of majority vote will not cut it.

Ask for advice for genuine reason; and not to justify your poor decision. Follow through with TCS instruction(s) to you.

Romans 11:34-35 Unlimited puts it clearly:

” Is there anyone around who can explain God? Anyone smart enough to tell him what to do? Anyone who has done him such a huge favour that God has to ask his advice? ”

Again, In THE CHIEF STRATEGIST is where the Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty for our decisions lie.

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