It’s In The Scale and Matrix!

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #WorkplaceSurvival #TheDiscountingDecisions

How honest and transparent are your pricing?

What are the varying weight scales for the same product/service; knowledgeable and less knowledgeable clients about?

Put that also within the context of a professional dealing with his or her colleagues/ Team: Different benchmark for different member within the same Team doing the same task/role as it were?

Again, what is that stricken mentality of exploiting others on the basis that they are rich/wealthy and can afford it?

My question to you: Is it a crime to be wealthy? ( that’s beyond the scope of this series)

Remember, you are operating/ want to operate a TIMELESS BUSINESS. Yes?

Right! For those different weight and scales you use: The Litmus Test as a business/professional operating on TIMELESS PRINCIPLES is:

Would you want others to deal with you on the same basis you dealing with them?

Are you willing to disclose to the less knowledgeable clients/buyers that you have given a better deal to Someone else?

Mathew 22:39 Advisory presents it clearly in its commercial presentation to the merchants:

” Love others as well as you love yourself.”

Again, checking in at Proverbs 11:13 Mall, its digital billboard reads:

” The integrity of the upright shall guide them, but the willful contrariness and crookedness of the treacherous shall destroy them. ”

Think About IT!

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkPlaceSurvival #TDD

Good morning!


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