How to Pay What You Owe

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Do you know your filling for bankruptcy does NOT exonerate you still from paying what you owe as a company/business/ person operating by TIMELESS PRINCIPLES ?

Those workforce laid off with accurred salaries still need to be paid; those suppliers; that business partner; that friend etc.

This is HOW you’d repay it:

Meet with your creditor(s) with humility.

Treat your creditor with respect and dignity for the trust they had in you.


Take time out to see them in person if it is possible. Otherwise write them or call them up.


Let go of all those puff on your shoulders. Apologise for the situation and whatever inconvience you might have caused them.


Strip bare the situation ( yes, you’d feel vulnerable being transparent with your current financial status. It O-K-A-Y) Get right to how you’d repay them. Get their agreement and co-operation on it and work toward it in the wisdom of the CHIEF STRATEGIST.

PS: Let it be at the creditors’ discretion and out of their free will to write off the debt BUT not by your arm twisting them to.

There’s nothing to be shy about… GO quickly and reconcile account.

Mathew 5:25-26 Unlimited tells how you’d achieve this. See it:

” Before you are dragged into court, make friends with the person who has accused you of doing wrong. If you don’t, you will be handed over to the judge and then to the officer who will put you in jail. I promise you will not get out until you have paid the last cent you owe.”

Hope that helps. Yes?

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Have a Truly Rewarding 2015. Good morning!


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