To Sue or Not to Sue a Company?

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As a TIMELESS Business can you sue a company whether TIMELESS or not?

Right!  A company is a legal entity not a person but of course run or outrightily owned by a person; and a company as it were has no right under TIMELESS PRINCIPLES except the rights of the prevailing law under which it is formed. So, it follows that the use of corporate shield surpasses individual’s ownership.

So if an individual chooses to be treated as a company, such individual has taken a position and should keep to the terms attached to such.

Deuteronomy 23:23 Unlimited projects that:

“Once you make the vow, you must be careful to do as you have said, for it was your own choice, and you have vowed to the Lord your God.”

Right there Ecclesiastes 5:5 Pointers Limited in agreement with Deuteronomy Unlimited confirmed same during the Q&A session:

“It is better that you should not vow than that you should vow and not pay “

Now that said; That THE CHIEF STRATEGIST’S TIMELESS PRINCIPLES allows a TIMELESS person sue a company does not automatically give you the liberty to in every case. You see THE CHIEF STRATEGIST might have you letgo such right for something better.

So right there we see FORGIVENESS & MERCY playing out!

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Have a Truly Rewarding 2015. Good morning!


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