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Right, talking lawsuit and defense this morning.
I understand that you have been sued by a TIMELESS person/ business. And, you are not guilty of the accusation.
Now, whether you are guilty of the allegation or not : First, I’d say that the TIMELESS person/business in question suing does not understand that with THE CHIEF STRATEGIST it does not flow that way.

Check at 1 Corinthians 6 Repository to understand better.

So now, you have been sued and with no basis to have been in the first instance. The natural tendency will be to launch a countersue. But TIMELESS way says you don’t drag a TIMELESS person/business to court. You leverage on ” The elders at the city gate” – Mediation / Arbitration

Again, check in at Act 25 Legal Advisory for more.

The bottom line is : A defense in court does not give a TIMELESS Business/person the right to countersue!

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Have a Truly Rewarding 2015. Good morning!


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