The IQ Question III

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkplaceSurvivalReloaded #IntegrityInTheWorkplace

There is a player; team member or assistant of yours that isn’t getting things right or you have a reservation about how your team either perform their job functions or deliver on their responsibilities.
You have neither confronted them to clearly let them know or you did, but did not communicate clearly your concern; the changes that you require; consequences applicable if not done and providing them with support to achieve it.
All the changes you desired were locked within you awaiting explosion.

You had the last straw when one of such team member committed a slight blunder and right there you FIRED him/her.
” I have put up with this incompetence for so long; HR Manager, please get us a replacement. I have tried” you said.

Right! You “tried” not expressing yourself. That must have caused anyone so much, locking such up within for such a longtime without proper expression.
NOW ask yourself: “What’s my IQ – Integrity Quotient?”

We should appropriately confront players ( team members/ employees) about performance issues and ensuring that we help them on their journey to change and improved workplace behavior.
These are key drivers of business integrity!
Again: I ask you: What’s your IQ – Integrity Quotient?

PS: To Our Nigeria Audience:
Let’s leverage on high IQ- Intelligence Quotient to DECIDE tomorrow. #NigeriaDECIDES #VoteYourConscience #ProtectYourVote #NoViolence #NewNIGERIA #Vision2025

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#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #Business-WorkplaceSurvivalReloaded #IITW

Have a Peaceful Weekend. Good morning!


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