How Wrong Mindset Can Impede Teamwork

#OrganisationalSuccess101 #HumanDevelopment #PowerOfAgreement #TeamBuilding

Surprised why people in your organisation can’t work, aren’t sure how to work or if they should work as a team?

I’d tell you… wrong mindset from developmental stage as children, where people are taught to hoard information, wrong premise to motivation (make sure you study to beat your classmates/ siblings rather than study to understand to make a difference), parents playing kids comparison game, leading to unhealthy competition.etc; Managers and supervisors motivating team members to outperform each other, comparing employees on bias bases leading to internal competition and war.

I’d see you tomorrow BHG on how you’d get your people working as a Team.

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#OrganisationalSuccess101 #PowerOfAgreement #TeamBuilding

Good morning!


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