I believe you have thought through deeply what your business does or will do and have in detail clearly documented it- That’s your Business Vision. On that premise we’d proceed to the next step of the process of putting together your business plan doc.

Writing your Mission Statement is the next step. You need to understand that you mission statement isn’t what you dub from someone else. It should be a flow from your business vision. So truly, if your business vision is of depth as opposed superficial then this should be easy and connecting for you to put it in a concise way.

Your mission statement should explain your purpose, the niche you’d serve in the market and what you will do. Again, you’d see how your mission statement will be a guide light to you all through the life of your business, keeping you focused and preventing you stirring in direction inconsistent or out of alignment with your Business Vision.

Here is a brand I particularly like the clarity in which its business vision, mission and all is to the brand is communicated. You might want to check it out.

THE CHIEF STRATEGIST during the Isaiah 41:21 presentation, gave the buy-in rule which says:

”  Present your case, the LORD says, bring forward your strong arguments” 

So, go ahead and write your own mission statement which should include: what your business does, the reason it exists, your competitive advantage, who your customer will be and what your business will do well all in one or at most two sentences.

In all, never forget business is a serious matter and very much more than just making profit. It is therefore important that your reason for starting and wanting to  commence one is from an authentic perspective.

* A note to the millennial *

We’d proceed next week BHG with the next step.

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Truly Rewarding 2016 it is.

Have a Great Week. Good morning!


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