Map Market Opportunity



Now that you have mapped your delivery, proceed to map the market opportunity. In achieving this, you will need to identify and profile your expected customers.

You have your products and services you want to offer which is a reflection of your vision and mission. Same applies, not everyone will require your services. That why you will have to map out who your most likely customers will be.

In the set of your likely customers are sub-sets of customers who  really need you products and services and will buy your offering. That’s where the drilling and dissecting your customer profile becomes necessary because it will determine the bearing of your sales and advertising strategies and efforts.

Like always, you have to be detailed on and in mapping your market- your customers. So consider questions like: how many people reside in my service area?; How many of these people are likely customers of my products & services?; How many out of these need my products & services?; What quality of service will they need? Etc.

In all, understand that time and resources are limited and therefore, would have to map right your customers to ensure the best outcome in terms of impact and profitability.

THE CHIEF STRATEGIST said at Proverbs 5:1 Strategy Boulevard


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Keep the momentum going, building it brick by brick and I’ d see you next week BHG!


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