A Note to A Budding Entreprenuer


Being productive in your entrepreneurship journey doesn’t have to be draining. I pretty much know how it feels when you are so overwhelmed with so much to do and it just appears things isn’t moving at the the pace you have projected.

Yes I understand the long nights and gestation period; delayed gratifications and alone walk on the journey. I was on that journey for 16 years. Yes 16 years! Figuring out, tweeking, crawling, leaping, fine tuning, learning and generally failing forward.

Sitting right here on my computer and thinking through those times really got me to do this. Yes, a discount of some few naira or dollars might be inconsequential to one person but yet might be the saving grace or a propeller for someone else to  launch their dream.

So, you might be that person or you know a young budding entrepreneur around, here is my way of saying I understand all you have being through and going through. Here is a $25 gift off your web hosting budget. Accept my little way of saying I believe in you, don’t give up keep at it there is light at the end of that tunnel.

http://www.OpeOSiyemi.Com launches soon to help you on your Journey to building a trans-generational business.

Keep at It. Keep Building to Last!

Compliment of the Season to you and have a Bright and Consolidating 2017 Ahead!


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